Link Building Management

Link Building a business is not easy and requires serious restructuring to achieve maximum results. Link Building Management is a business how to arrange the backlinks in order not to waste time and cost as well as provide an efficient values ​​of each step. Thus the results obtained would be maximized with minimal effort and cost


I love freestyle link building. There is hardly anything more satisfying than getting in the zone and branching out into countless search iterations plucking opportunities one by one, thinking of great content ideas, implementing it, sending it out and watching it hatch. This article, however, is not about that. Instead I will take you through methodology evolved within Dejan SEO team over the period of last two years which helped us manage extremely competitive SEO projects. Large-scale link building campaigns for multiple websites require well-defined workflow, scalability and structure.

Planning Stage

Assessment of Current Backlink Profile
Before getting carried away with anything else it's wise to take a look at the current backlink profile and understand its strengths and weaknesses.

Risk Analysis
During backlink examination process make note of any suspicious links and create a 'liability' list. If you notice obvious linking patterns, request additional feedback from the client.

Complete Detail

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