Backlink Energizer Review

I’ve seen various reviews that state that Backlink Energizer is a backlink generation tool. Well, that’s not exactly true. Backlink Energizer (BLE) is a backlink indexing tool. What does this mean?
When you build hundreds of low quality backlinks from article submission, social bookmarking, forum posting… Google won’t find most of those backlinks and it’s like those backlinks have never been created.

Now, that’s where Backlink Energizer comes in. BLE does whatever it take so that most of those low quality backlinks are found, indexed and counted by Google and this allows you to significantly improve your search engine rankings over time.

From my experience, BLE isn’t capable of indexing 100% of your backlinks, but it still indexes about 85-90% of them – which is actually pretty good. Without Backlink Energizer, you will get indexed and counted for only about 15-30% of your low quality backlinks.

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