Backlink Rank Checker Script Released

Scriptalicious just added a new turnkey SEO script to our catalog.

Our new Backlink Rank Checker script instantly fetches all backlinks for your site, and displays the Alexa and PageRank rankings in real-time with Ajax scripting.
This script lets you browse through all the backlinks to any website and see the PR and Alexa ranking instantly. This is an invaluable tool for competitor and site research, and the Backlink Rank Checker is a dead-simple, easy to install turnkey SEO script for your website.

No database required
Installs in seconds - no configuration required!
Perfect turnkey SEO tool script
Ajax form for real time response
The Backlink Rank Checker can find all of your backlinks, and display the PageRank and Alexa rankings for up to 100 backlinks per page.

Check out the live demo to see the script in action!

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Branded Items said...

Learning the rank of your backlinks as well as your site will be a great tool for every webmaster. It will allow for better insight and possibly for better plans to use on SEO efforts. What I liked the most about this is the Alexa checker. Everyone knows Alexa rankings are hard to evaluate, so having every little tool that has it will allow for better evaluations.

Hire Dedicated PHP Programmers said...

That’s pretty awesome because by this software you can easily check your site backlinks. I should take it immediately.