Search by Image for Link Building

How important image is now increasingly seen in various websites. For SEO experts put the image on the page and make taging keywords is one way to improve website performance.

3 Ways to Use Google's New Search by Image for Link Building

As you may have heard, Google recently launched a new feature called Search by Image. While experimenting with the feature, I identified three scenarios where search by image has a distinct advantage over traditional approaches for finding link opportunities.

First, some background. To explain it simply, you can now use images (either a URL of an image, or one you upload) as your search term. The goal is to point you to websites that are related to and/or contain information about the image. More background can be found at the Google blog.

1. Get Background on Industry Influencers and Linkerati

As Rand often discusses, identifying people's interests and using them to create connections are a great way to get on influential people's radar. If done right, this will also result in exposure and links.

Some of the most influential people in the SEO space are also the best at personal branding. Ross Hudgens recently wrote a YOUmoz post on how to make your brand more consistent on and offline. Ross is someone who I've been reading and been influenced by a lot lately, and he's also very consistent about using the same picture of himself, so I figured I'd use him for our first example.

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