Super High Quality Backlink Packets

When it comes to a solid link building campaign, you absolutely must have quality backlinks. Fifty thousand low quality backlinks is MORE than a great start to having excellent rankings in the SERPs, but to truly put you over the top and to really beat out your competitors, the key is to have some quality backlinks as well.  That’s precisely what this will get you…backlinks from high PR URLs (we’re not talking domain PR here folks, but the PR of the pages you’ll actually be placing your links on) with low outbound link counts.

Want Specifics About this Program?  Here They Are!

Of course you want specifics    What you’ll be getting specifically with this program, is 100 high PR blogs to comment on every week.  PR 1 though PR 6+ and that is the PR of the URL…not the domain.  Do/Nofollow has not been checked, however that doesn’t really matter.  If you were to get a backlink from an authority site like wikipedia, even though it is nofollow, it would still do wonders for your site…now imagine what hundreds of backlinks from mini-authority sites with great PR can do for your site.

The URLs in these backlink packets all also require a captcha to be solved to submit a comment….THAT IS ON PURPOSE!  Blogs with captcha requirements don’t receive nearly the same amount of spam (hardly any actually) that the blogs without one receive.  Because of that, comments are approved on these blogs at an extraordinarily higher rate than that of blogs without anti-spam measures installed.  Remember, since this is for QUALITY backlinking to your site, the idea is to MANUALLY comment on these blogs.  Simply paste the list of URLs into ScrapeBox, right click on the first one and click “open in internal browser”, do a quick scan of the article and write a short relevant comment, hit submit, and then click “next” from the SB interface…done!  This is the perfect type of linkbuilding to either outsource to an incredibly inexpensive virtual assistant OR to do yourself.

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