Top 10 Small Business SEO Tips for Link Building

You've created an awesome website. You've optimized it with the right keywords in the right places. And yet, you're still showing up on page eight of Google search results for your keywords. What are you missing? Links.

Links from other websites pointing to yours, called backlinks, are a vital component of any small business SEO (search engine optimization) effort. To the search engines, a backlink from a trustworthy site to a page on your site is seen as a vote of confidence for your page. The more trusted and authoritative the site linking to yours is, and the more relevant the context of that backlink is to your page's content, the more that backlink will help your page rise in search engine results.

Here are 10 SEO link-building strategies that every small business with a website should know to improve search engine rankings and Web marketing.

10 Tips to Build Backlinks and Improve SEO Ranking

1. Quality trumps quantity
Backlink quality counts more than quantity. "I'd rather have five good-quality links than 5,000 crappy ones," said Rhea Drysdale, chief operations officer of Outspoken Media, during a recent link-building clinic at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference in San Jose.

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