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Backlink building for each individual pages or post in need patience and a strong commitment. There are concerns that questions of tcskit, whether you do it without using ways that "unnatural"? Should we do it with such a long time?
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An advice I see all the time is to build external backlinks not only to your sites, but almost more importantly to the individual posts or pages on your site, to give them a higher SERP rating.

The more I think about it, this seems like an extremely time consuming task. Since I don't spam, but comment on blogs and forums with insightful and relevant comments, building 100-150 backlinks would take me almost a day, granted I have a list of dofollow sites to post on.

This would be fine for a single site, where you'd at least expect a day for launching it, including some basic content, and another day for building some backlinks by social bookmarking etc. But for each individual page? Doing that would take me at least a week for each site I launch... And that's apart from building the links of the sites already launched.

So, my question is: Do you guys actually do this, without using blackhat methods or Scrapebox, etc?

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