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Buy backlinks one alternative to improve the quality of the web. But is it true buy backlinks have a significant influence? Need careful consideration before you buy backlinks and look for reliable sources before you do.

So, first option of safe buy backlinks of the links is to arrange the agreement to purchase backlinks directly with the owner of the website. The advantage of this option is that you are choosing the websites where you want to put your back link, i.e you can get the relevant back links which fit the subject discussed at your website. There are also some disadvantages: it is not easy to find the relevant website, it takes time and you are the one who is going to do it, also it can be very expensive to buy backlinks from this kind of website (especially if that website is well promoted and is already popular).

The other option to buy backlinks is to try the so called link exchange on Internet. Usually you contact the dealer which is a kind of agent between those who want to buy back links and those who want to sell the place on their website for that link.  Very often you have to pay some commission to the agent as well for his help. If you decided to promote your website with the purchasing the back links, be also very careful and be sure that the person you are buying the back link is honest. Make sure that he will not make them invisible for example.

Another way to buy back links is through the banner exchange network. It is a network of the websites where the participants exchange their banners with each other. But usually in this kind of network, there are limits to the subject of the banners and they should have the standard format. But recently the banner exchange system is not so popular and there are methods that are more attractive and beneficial for those who are searching for the high quality back links.

There is a reliable way to buy backlink is to register in catalogs where you should pay for that since most of the popular and high quality catalogs are in a great demand, so they send the place for you link for the according prices. Below there are some Dos and DONTs to consider while buying a back link.

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