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SEO Tools
5 SEO Tools Industry Leaders Get Together in a Speed ​​and Resistance SmackDown - This title is very interesting, how does an seo tools alone should give a great impact on improving the web and have 5 toolls how they will incorporate the five strengths of each tools. Listen below

Online PR News – 14-July-2011 –Link-Assistant.Com, Europe-based SEO tools development company, has conducted a unique series of in-depth tests of 5 most renowned SEO tools, embracing major SEO tasks: rank checking, backlink research and website structure analysis. The four tests with the results summarized at prove that SEO PowerSuite, compared to other SEO tools,
•is up to 40 times faster to check rankings with default safety features,
•collects up to 9 times more backlinks as far as 60 times faster,
•is the only SEO software to report on website structure accurately.
*SEO in brief*
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of activities aimed at achieving online supremacy, i.e. high rankings in Google. The higher the rankings are, the more traffic a website gets to increase revenues of the website owners.
“SEO is handled either by website owners themselves or by SEO experts/companies. Both categories rely on SEO tools to automate and speed up routine SEO tasks they would otherwise do manually,” says Viktar Khamianok, CEO and Co-Founder, Link-Assistant.Com. “Still, the common complaints of SEO software users are that “the apps could have worked faster”... “could have done better in defying search engines’ blocks”.. “could have provided valid data only”. And we’re proud to announce that SEO PowerSuite is now exceptionally superior to other SEO tools in terms of these users’ major concerns.”
*SEO tools testing in brief*
The following tests were conducted to compare the performance of SEO PowerSuite, WebCEO, IBP, Market Samurai and Advanced Web Ranking:
Test 1. Rank checking with default settings
Test 1.1. Rank checking with minimum safety features
Test 2. Backlink research: speed + number of found backlinks
Test 3. Website structure analysis: speed + number of pages

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