What is the Best Method for Backlink Building

Discussion on What is the Best Method for Backlink Building is always interesting because so many varieties and ways. Each has its own experience and some are really expert and then sell it in the form of all sorts as well.
One thing matters more is, Natural Backlink. How is that? Lets discuss together.


magiclouie say :

First of all, you should post this kind of topic to the right place.
Anyway, there are strategies that will help you generate natural links... NOT links that you have created yourself such as blog commenting, forum posting, and among others..
These are strategies such as viral linkbait, widgets etc...
Getting content to go viral on social media sites such as digg, stumbleupon, and among others can generate a lot of links, NATURALLY.

Hope that helps..,


seo jack say :

Diversify your links, don't go for just cheap blog comments, forum profiles etc.
Its not always about quantity, but quality.


Raylau say :

I can't say best but from my side :

* Forum posting in relevant theme (that is hard)
* Article markting
* cross linking
* Social bookmarking
* Blogging, making teir 1, teir 2, teir 3...5

And the other...... Check Here

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