Is Your Site Immune To Penalties & Algorithmic Updates?

One word that most makes a big question mark is the "algorithm". Not many people understand this and close with "what did I do right?"
Understanding the algorithm is an art of how to read the desire of the search engines. Once you understand it you will succeed


One thing you hear about a lot lately in search industry news is how B2C websites are constantly being penalized or how a new “filter” has been applied to Google’s algorithm that has dramatically impacted their search results. Do brand names and shopping sites come to mind? What about B2B websites? Are they at just as much risk?

B2B marketers, if you think your firm’s website is immune, or incapable of being sent to the abyss by Google, think again. I’m sure you’re aware by now the latest penalty by Google that dramatically saw many of J.C. Penney’s much coveted search rankings plummet. A few years ago, it was BMW. The message is clear — follow Google’s guidelines, or get in the back of the line.

There’s much debate on this, and I tend to want to see the good in everyone first, but I believe J.C. Penney hired what they thought was a reputable SEO firm and trusted they’d get the job done. Once they started rising to the top… who cares how they got there, right? After all, they’re making a lot more money than what they’re paying their vendor. It’s the perfect love story. It’s what one would call a true return-on-investment.

Whatever the truth is behind the J.C. Penney story is, the takeaway from the story is this. Your website goals as a B2B marketer must be long-term. Don’t risk shady SEO practices for short-term benefits that could have a much longer negative impact on overall business results.

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