SEO Backlink Reports

Conceptually New SEO Backlink Reports Are Introduced 
by the SEO Software Industry Trendsetter

Time-saving, expert and clear, the new SEO SpyGlass's reports in beta will give website owners an insightful account of link building and competition research activities.

Minsk (I-Newswire) September 8, 2011 - Link-Assistant.Com, the leading global provider of SEO software and SEO PowerSuite vendor, has armed SEO consultants with an unmatched backlink reporting opportunity - Website Backlinks Analysis Report and Website Backlinks Report were added to the tools' report template portfolio.

Presenting a variety of Backlink Reports data in a laconic and graphical manner, the brand-new SEO reports will be favored by website owners with any level of SEO knowledge.

SEO SpyGlass is one of the four tools in SEO PowerSuite toolkit. Back in August, Link-Assistant.Com rolled out spick-and-span reports for Rank Tracker and LinkAssistant. New-type SEO reports for WebSite Auditor, the fourth tool in the SEO software series, are to follow.

*SEO and SEO reports*

Search engine optimization (SEO) stands for a set of activities aimed at making a website rank high in Google and other search engines.

Nowadays, many website owners come to realize that SEO is becoming increasingly complicated to be handled in-house, so they tend to outsource SEO consultant services.

SEO consultants, in their turn, make use of SEO software to automate routine SEO tasks and report on their SEO activities.

*Backlink competition research*

It's no secret that SEO success at large depends on the number and quality of backlinks a website has. An ongoing race, getting top rankings requires close monitoring of what competitors are doing in terms of backlinks.

With the new backlink reports, SEO SpyGlass users get:

- a website's entire backlink structure, split into visual graphs and diagrams,
- straightforward tables and historical overviews, covering everything search engine optimizer should take into account when analyzing backlinks.

"Our users were very excited about new reports for Rank Tracker and LinkAssistant, and we can't wait to have their evaluation of the backlinks reports we designed for SEO Spyglass," says Viktar Khamianok, CEO and Co-Founder, Link-Assistant.Com.

"The reports are in beta for now. This means some end-user testing will take place before the reports come to wide public in stable, and show up in WebSite Auditor as well," continues Viktar.

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