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Social Monkee
Social Monkee as software that promises instant link building much discussed, and one of them in a forum.

Has anyone heard anything about Social Monkee from Colin Klinkert? It is a plug in for firefox to automatically submit links to other sites.


I'm using it for over a month now, it actually posts to different social bookmarking websites + it spins the content flawlessly tho i'm not seeing any improvement in my SERPS from it.


Yeah its free to use so it can't do any harm. I used it a while back but didn't see any improvements.

I think it was mainly started so that the owners could create an e mail list and promote there higher packages.

There is actually a pretty sweet deal with it where if you refer something like 12 members to sign up for the free account you get upgraded to the premium 100 links a day membership.


For complete detail open here

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